Sunday, May 15, 2011

63 years of terror

They have torn them bit by bit,
Yet, they could'nt kill their spirit!
Yes, 63 terrorizing years it has been
They forcibly occupied falasteen.

10 years of talks but there prevails no peace,
''Negotiations are on''- Don't give me that please!
Nobody speaks about this place or its tragedy,
We remain silent for we live our lives in safety.

I know about this place, its once rich culture and heritage,
Before it got occupied by criminals, before it became the target of rage
Before children were imprisoned for throwing stones,
Before people were afraid to sleep in their own homes.

Before the production of customized equipment of destruction,
Before the rain of bombs that fell on schools for children.

Be patient ya falasteen you will have your day too!
Ask Allah to punish them severly for what they do to you!
I will keep you in my duas and I will cry for your loss,
I do not come from you, yet I will fight for your cause.


  1. Subhan'allah, I love this poem. It's so inspiring and touching. I actually am half-Palestinian. Thank you ;)

    Fida xx

  2. Beautiful :)
    As heart-aching it gets to look at what has become of the Palestinian Cause, one thing we can never give up on is the hope and promise God has given us: that in the end, justice prevails. If not now, then in the here-after

  3. just the other day I was thinking about this and about the hadith which goes as follows :

    The Messenger of Allah pbuh said, "The believers, in their love, mutual kindness, and close ties, are like one body; when any part complains, the whole body responds to it with weakfulness and fever" (Muslim)

    It's high time we probe into our souls and reflect on this hadith and include the suffering ummah in our daily duas!