Sunday, May 22, 2011

Especially For You.

Last night, As I was falling asleep I was thinking to myself *the best way to fall sleep is to have your childhood blankey beside you* ... Then for a reason unknown I started wondering what makes my blankey so special, Because in reality its like a big warm bedsheet with ducks over it (not even the cute ducks :P ).

I remember, When I was 10 I didn't have the normal usual height an average 10 year old Indian kid could have. So my dad started calling me short duck :P and once when he came to visit us on his vacation he brought me this bigg flannel bedsheet with ducks printed on it. I loved it, so much so, that I could not imagine going to sleep without it so even when it had to be washed my mum would wash it during the day time so by evening it is dry. Even when I finished school and started attending college, this was MY thing and nobody could touch it. I used to study wrapping it around me nights before my exams. Even when I was travelling back and forth between India and UAE I'd always have it in my luggage. So Last night I started wondering what made it soo special that it made me so happy and I realized that It was something that my dad had brought it 'Especially For Me' and nobody else from my siblings.

This thought led me to the 30th verse of the 89th Chapter in Quran which is ;

وَادْخُلِي جَنَّتِي
''And enter you My Paradise!"

Whats the connection? Here's the thing when we have somebody really close to us, like our close friends and we have just moved into this house and we have specifically taken care of every thing in this house from furnishings to the types of tiles in the kicthen. When your guests enter, you go like ''Welcome to My house'' .. ''This is My living room'', ''My Bedroom'' .. You say all this only if you are close to that particular guest and share a personal connection with them , because they definitely KNOW it's your house, You live in it so its quite obvious.. Yet it even leaves the guest feeling special. If it is somebody else whom you are not close to you just show them around saying ''Yeah this is the living room, the bedroom''. There's no personal connection over there.

So we as human beings, Love attention, Even if we admit it or not. And our Creator Allah SWT obviously knows us wayy better than we know ourselves. Which is why when you actually ponder on this verse, It would make you feel so special, just reading and pondering over it. Imagine, actually entering paradise and Allah SWT asking You to Enter His Paradise (which contains of things beyond our levels of imagination and understanding, a place no ill feelings of misery or jealousy would exist, eternal peaceful abode) ... How would you feel? Special Enough? Definitely.


  1. Wow... deep.. I like your writing style

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  2. I love this post! Thanks you (:

    Fida xx

  3. Fida - Your welcome habibty, thank you! for the kind comment

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