Friday, May 20, 2011

Annoying People? I've met so many of them today

[Somebody Had to Tell me at the starts of my day, Whatever's written on the picture above]

The only day of the week I look forward to is Friday. My weekend, Time to do Jumuah prayer at the masjid, Attending the khutbah, go out with friends for lunch, hang out at the mall.

So, Mashallah today was the test of my patience. It is a blessing from Allah that I didn't smack some people. So I am gonna just like make a short list of annoying things that people do;

1. People who don't put their phones on silent : Woman, I don't care what type of mobile phone you own, I don't care if you are addicted to it all that I expect from you which is quite normal is to change your phone's profile to SILENT when you are in the Prayer Room. Now, I have once left my phone on normal mode BY MISTAKE during a prayer and I know how ringing phones annoy me so I make it a point to DOUBLE-CHECK my phone when I entera masjid or a prayer room. The reason why I am so mad is because these people who come to these malls do not move out of their homes once a month or something, they come EVERY WEEKEND atleast! and Yes I am quite sure about the fact. Now, if you are Sooo habituated of coming to a mall or a masjid every weekend then you MUST also develop the habit of keeping your phone on SILENT. Why on this beautiful earth would you want to WRECK somebody's concentration during the prayer, I mean lets be realistic many of us have problems with it, and then when somebody's phone starts ringing then then its just!! ..... Icing on the cake! Today, I wanted to break my prayer and smack the person whose phone was ringing in the prayer room , to stop myself from doing it took every ounce of patience in me.

2. People who are obsessed with filling the gap : See, I know we are suppose to stand close when we pray in congregation. I totally get that, but then some people are so obessed with standing close that they make the first row a sanwich of people and when its the time for the prostration then Be Prepared to be UNCOMFORTABLE. I mean seriously, How am I suppose to make a nice sujood while I am trying to fit my body in the narrow space? Those people seriously need to take a deep breath and not try to suffocate people.

3. People who love to talk in the prayer room : The thing about these people is quite nice, they would not use their phones when they pray, but the minute they are done they don't give a damn about others around them and start talking on their phones in the prayer room itself! I just thank Allah many times that I do not understand much of ARABIC if these people are arabs. Today, there was a wonderful woman in the prayer room who was standing at the entrance door and her phone kept ringing, but she does not answer it, thats not the irritating part, the irritating part is the fact that she was NOT PRAYING so all that she had to do was just to take the phone walk out of the room and I wouldn't care at all as to where she heads off!

4. I love it when you whisper so LOUD : I love praying in congregation but sometimes I just end up getting paired with somebody who whispers so loudly that I can barely concentrate on whatever I am reciting. Then, there are some people who like to say the first word of any ayat in a LOUD voice, example, ''ALHAMDULILLAHI, *whispers* Rabbil Aalameen'' ''ARRAHMANIR *whispers* Raheem''. Seriously?

5. People who try to kill others : These people are the angels of deaths on the road. No, seriously they do not turn on indicators while driving, (I even get to an extent its the UAE thing, I guess) but DUDE you've gotta be crazy to change the lane on a road while seeing that there's a car behind you. Not only do you pose danger for yourself but also the passengers in the car behind you. So please, do us ALL a favor and surrender your driving license because obviously you are NOT fit for it.

6. People who want to fight on the roads : They have this stupid ego thing going on. If some small car cuts in front of a Nissan Patrol or any 4 wheel drive they pretty much take it as an insult and cutting the small car's lane and then the small car gets upset so this battle goes on for a while. To those people, get yourself some glasses please because there are OTHER CARS on the road too, Thank you.

I am pretty much done ranting, If I have more I am sure I would write a part 2.


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  2. hahahah... this sounds like our whole trip on the weekend.. that was an experience and a half!!