Tuesday, May 10, 2011

..For Hearts that yearn for Rest..

"When you have nothing left but God, then for the first time you become aware that God is enough"

''I am busy'' or ''I do not have time'' or ''I'll do it later'' are some of the common phrases that we use in our daily lives. Until, a problem arrives and we find our minds being baffled trying to work out a solution for it. Until, we try each and every source of counsel from family, to friends, to acquaintances to sometimes even online forums. Until, we try so hard that we feel that we have arrived at a breaking point and then! as a last resort we go towards what must have been our first resort, we do not even rush towards it, we pretty much debate with ourselves while one side strongly condemns it the other side recommends it, so we seek this resort, unsure and skeptical, wondering if He (SWT) would answer us or not. We go towards Allah (God).

Or if we do not encounter the above mentioned situation then we wait until we feel a deep spritual void (btw those who feel this void are quite special too because many just pass the days of their lives in total ignorance) mixed with the feelings of depression and restlessness. We as human beings, will never be able to fill this void except with that which is made to fill it. What is that? It is the remembrance of Allah SWT.

Oh Beloved,Take away what I want.Take away what I do.Take away what I need.Take away everything...that takes me from you. RUMI

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