Thursday, May 19, 2011

Swearing isn't Cool

Today, I went a little crazy over the fact that one of my friends was very close to swear at me (but she didn't).

Now, I know swearing here and there among friends is okay... but I have stopped entertaining the F word profanity sometime back. It was not easy and I would not be rosy about it. Few years ago, I was with a friend of mine, and I heard her using a very bad word for someone and I was shocked at my discovery that she could use such a word. Not too long after that after few months that very word was slipping off my tongue like butter on a hot toast, very smoothly, almost effortlessly without any little feeling of guilt for using my tongue to utter a really bad word.

I stopped it pretty much completely, when once my friend and I almost had an accident and the word that came from my mouth was 'Shit'! I wouldn't wanna die with that word being my last.And this video here explains alot about my situation.

So let's be clear here there's absolutely NOTHING that is cool about swearing. Now, I know some people who grew up in an environment where it was pretty much the norm and I can see where they are coming from and perhaps even they are struggling to avoid it. Then, there are some people who were raised in households which did not even know about the different types of swear words that exist.

Yet, to be considered 1 amongst them in their peer group, to show people how easy or casual they are, to think its COOL, to think there's no other form of expressing their emotions, Some people start using these words and God knows I'm not trying to be sarcastic I used to pretty much fall under all the categories mentioned above. I realize it's pretty much common on the Media, and anything on TV is bound to be ''cool''. But, Just think about this simple quote ''Would you use a toilet brush to clean your teeth? Then how can you use your tongue with which you recite Quran, to use swear words?''

The above quote made me wonder about how in reality, my tongue, my ability to speak is a gift from Allah SWT and there I was using it for swearing. So I stopped, everytime I felt an urge to say a bad word, I would just replace it ''Astaghfirullah''!

Propeht (Sal Allahu Alay hi wa sallam) said : 'The best amongst you are those who have the best manners and character.'
(Sahih Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 56, Number 759)"

So I am sure that swearing wouldn't really be a part of good manners or character.

Alhamdulillah, Once you stop swearing for a long time. You would even feel uncomfortable when others utter such words in front of you. I've had incidents when somebody said something very profane I would just go like ''Don't use bad words man!!!'' till they stop it and make fun of me for being such a baby OR I pretty much start looking somewhere else to completely ignore that person, thats the level of discomfort it would bring to you.

P.s. If it gets hard to leave swearing, try having a swear box. Everytime you use a swear word, you put some amount of money in it as a penalty and perhaps later on you can give it in charity.


  1. I feel you!
    I wrote something similar once:

  2. Checked out your post habibty , It is so nice mashallah!