Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kids Aren't Kids Anymore

Technological advancements have made many big changes in our lives whether we like to admit it or not. In the midst of all these innovations everyday what is being missed out are the good old things.. like whatever happened to reading books while holding it in your hand? Who needs special tablets to just read ebooks? Who needs a book holder? Or a bookcase?!!

And What About Kids? Just a few minutes ago while I was sitting in a coffee shop I noticed 2 school kids not more than 13 checking out their latest purchase of blackberry while one of them was complaining about how her parent thought that her old phone was in perfect working condition and didn't want her to buy this newer model . Even the way that kids behave today is so much like adults. I know of kids who are less than 13 yet if they are not dating somebody they are considered uncool. Now, I know the drill of blaming the media for all these things but the fact of the matter is that the way kids are shaping up these days is also highly influenced by the way they are brought up and by the environment they live in. Undeniably, we have very little influence on the surroundings because everything in them these days is very much influenced by the media potrayal of whats cool or whats uncool.

When I was a kid, and trust me that was NOT too long ago, when my mom denied me something I would immediately jump to the conclusion that she does not love me but now when I think about it, I would like to thank her because when I grew up and started working there was an altogether different satisfaction of working and buying my own stuff. But, these days parents are so concerned about the type of clothes/gadgets their kid's friends have or wear that they need to immediately get the same things for their own kid. Whats up with that insecurity?

I understand the concept of pampering a kid, but pamper him or her with love not by just buying everything that they point their finger at. Then, there are some parents who were not provided whatever they wished for as a kid, so when they end up having kids then they glorify them by fulfilling the kids wishes as their commands. I do not say that let your kid be left out among their peer group nor am I suggesting to just spoil them by splurging every possible luxury on them.

The trick is to maintain the balance between both. It is to know when to say yes and when to say no. I know I am not a parent but I have a little experience close to parenting because I have a nephew and sometimes as hard as it is to tell him No for something I also have to make him realize that he cannot have whatever he wants.

Monitoring what your kid watches is also very important in understanding their way of thinking. You may think they are just watching cartoons and that it is not a big deal. Really? Sit down while they are watching cartoons, there are many cartoons that make the parent or an elderly person seem absolutely foolish. The Simpsons? The proud family? South Park? The cramp twins? Shin chan? there may be many more that I am missing out on.

But if you are too busy to take care of these things while your child is young because they seem petty to you or if you think that your kid is going to get to know about all these things anyway. Then do not be suprised when your kid grows up and is exactly opposite of what you had thought of..

P.s. You might think you are smart but trust me your kids are smarter!


  1. Great post! :) This is a rapidly advancing phenomenon nowadays. Lol, sometimes when I look back on my own childhood and the kids today, I seriously have moments of OMG!! :P

    I'm not a parent either, and hardly an expert on parenting, but when I see how some of the kids are being brought up, I can't help silently criticizingly the parents! Do they really have to be part of the rat race?

    One thing I've noticed in kids nowadays is that they have very little value for things. This happens because they know that their parents will keep on getting them their heart's every desire, regardless of whether they deserve it or not.

    And don't even talk about the current TV shows and movies! The parents/adults are portrayed as either villainous or bumbling fools!

    I remember this one movie I watched where a teenage girl screams obscenities at her mother and during the whole movie, she never expressed any regret for the way she behaves! Mind you, this is the main character in the movie and the way it was portrayed, it was like shouting the "F" word at your mother when you're having a fight is a totally ok thing to do.

    I was all OMG and even more horrified when my teenage cousins actually liked the movie!! The media is going to warp the kid's minds, I tell you!!

    When I have kids, I've decided to go live in a cave in the wilds of somewhere, cut off from civilization!! :P

  2. This is a great post :)

    I love how you said 'pamper them with love'. I think that is the biggest problem. We are mistaking 'things' as 'love and time'but really I think what kids would want more in the world is parents interested in their lives/ ready to talk to them/ than a new mobile.

  3. Xahu : I would like to do the same things with my kids, another problem with the asian parents is that they do not keep an open channel of communication which is why the kid relies on things to make himself feel better rather than rely on his parents

    Little Auntie : I totally agree with every word you wrote.