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Al- Hadi Part 3


You can find the part 2 right over here

Yes! I am keen on finishing my posts on this name today because Insha'Allah we will be starting a new name in sister E's class today. And I am going HYPER out of excitement. MashAllah her classes are so fantastic, so if you are in Dubai.. Then you know what your missing!

Alright People! In the last post, we have discussed about the 2 types of Guidance from Allah SWT in relation to His name and attribute called Al-Hadi (The One Who Guides) Now, In this post we are going to learn about the remaining 2 other types of Guidance!

Following are the remaining 2 other types of Guidance :

3. Hidayat-at-Tawfeeq/Hidayat-al-Khaassa-til-Khaassa (Specific Guidance/ The Most Special Guidance) : Before we proceed with this post, I would like you all to please visit this link and download the small ebook relating to this type of Guidance which will help you in deeply understanding this form of Guidance along with the ways to achieve it.

When we get to know about the knowledge through Allah Al-Hadi's guidance, we begin to feel that we are prettt special ;) But, here's the thing what You and I need to blessed with in order to actually apply the knowledge obtained into our daily options is Hidayat-At-Tawfeeq or Hidayat-al-Khassa-til-Khaassa.

How do we obtain this? Well, I've attached the link but let's just presume if you guys are too lazy like me, then here are a few tips (I would still recomment to check out the link) ;

1. Voluntary acts - I know we all struggle with the obligatory acts itself, then what about the voluntary? I know if there's a list of people who do it I'd be the last one on it. See, this type of Guidance is sooo special Allah SWT will want to see you work a little bit for it and hey we all know about How Massively merciful He is.

And what about this hadith? Abu Hurairah (ra) reported that the Messenger of Allah (saas) said,

“Verily, Allah (swt) said: Whoever shows enmity to a Walee (close, obedient slave, who worships Allah alone without associating partners with Him in worship, performs good deeds, and avoids sins) of mine, then I declare war upon him. No slave seeks closeness to Me with anything that is more beloved to Me than that which I have made obligatory upon him. And My slave continues to seek closeness to Me through voluntary acts (of worship) until I love him. And when I love him, I become his hearting that he hears with, his sight that he sees with, his hand that he strikes with, and his leg that he walks with. If he asks Me, I give him; if he seeks refuge with Me. I give him. And I have never hesitated about something I do that way I hesitate to take the soul of a believer; he dislikes death, and I dislike his being distressed (or harmed) Related by Bukhaaree (6502)

Okay, now when I was a kid and I got to know about this hadith I used to wonder how can Allah SWT become the leg with which I walk? Or that He would become my hearing? Thankfully, as I started growing up I presumed that I would be listening to the Quran and not music anymore and the likes. But the legs with which I walk or my hands with which I strike left me confused. Alhamdulillah, Sister E made a side note explaining this that When a person receives this specific Guidance through his or her voluntary acts then Allah SWT will guide them in a manner that they would refrain from saying anything bad or displeasing to Allah, They refrain from listening to anything bad like Gossip or backbiting, They refrain their limbs from going to any place where there is ANY haraam taking place, They would not use their hands for any Haraam. Basically, There way of life becomes concentrated on obtaining the Pleasure of Allah SWT and avoiding His Displeasure.

2. Don't put obstacles in the beginning itself - We all know that some of us underestimate ourselves wayy too much when it comes to anything pertaining to the religion. We go like ''Oh I wish I could do that butttt I know I can't'' And what about with regards to the worldy affairs? Mashallah then we are soo confident just like the kid who's drunk bournvita :P hehe! My point being, that do not under estimate yourself to this level. When you know about the Guidance, justt accept it in your heart and make sincere Dua that Allah gives you the strenght to practice it. Thats all? Yes.

3. Truthful Heart - Yes, the above point and this one are pretty much related. Let us Keep our hearts open towards receiving the Guidance. Whenever somebody reminds us about a religious matter lets not get grumpy or go like 'Yeah, yeah I know all that'. If we are truthful in accepting the guidance then Allah will guide us towards attaining Tawfeeq.

4. Repentance - The pre-requisite before asking for anything is repentance. I know many times, Allah SWT blesses answers our wishes and prayers even before we repent out His limitless mercy. But hello? Here we are asking for something totally AWESOME. So We've got to take that step and repent for all our previous sins. Beg for forgiveness for all that we have done till date, a minor sin or a major sin.

We might think, okay thats all good but I have done WAYYY too many sins to ask for forgiveness. Its not like I am just BAD... I am like REALLY BAD. Here's your way out;

Say: "O my Servants who have transgressed against their souls! Despair not of the Mercy of Allah: for Allah forgives all sins: for He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.[Surah Zumar, Verse 53] (Personally, this is one of my fav verses and this is what really gives me hope)

The Prophet (Allah bless him & give him peace) said, “The one who repents from sin is like the one who never sinned.” [Ibn Maja (3240)] He also said, “Remorse is repentance.” [Ibn Maja (4242) and Ahmad (3387)]

Abu Hurayra (Allah be pleased with him) reported that the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him and give him peace) said, “Allah will turn towards anyone who turns in repentance before the sun rises from the place it set.” [Muslim]

Plus, we all know about the hadith of performing a perfect ablution and praying sincere 2 rakat of prayer for repentance. InshAllah then He SWT would forgive all the sins.


5. DUA - Yes, Yes we all know about this weapon of a believer against the Shaytaan. But! when it comes to using this weapon we want to be all peaceful and refrain from it. Sometimes, we DO use this weapon but it is kept in our list as the LAST RESORT. What's the first one? You might ask.. Well we think we can put ourselves into practising a strict time-table and we would be able to achieve anything we want. But the reality of the matetr is that Until Allah wills for something to happen for you it won't. Which is why we must keep DUA as our First resort to any situation and do not under estimate the power of Dua. It was after all the Dua of Ibraheem (AS) due to which we had been blessed with a wonderful Prophet like Muhammaed Sal Allahu Alayhi wa sallam.

P.s. Do not get tired of making Dua EVER. Because I know I have been one of those people who would go like 'I keep asking and making Dua' but things don't work out and I would give up And Allah SWT might have been just about to answer me and I gave up (for those of you who are thinking this sounds familiar... ooh yeah! I was referring to Bilal Assads Talk)

okay, so InshAllah the above mentioned are some pointers for yourself and I.

4. Hidayah-Ala-Bait-Fil-Jannah (Guidance towards our house in Jannah) - THIS!!! MY SISTERS!!! IS THE ULTIMATE GUIDANCE!!!
Yes! I psych out writing or even talking about this type of Guidance! This will the ulimate prize, beyond our level of understanding. Beyond anything we could ever imagine of. This Guidance will of course be given to us if we accept the previously mentioned Guidance and stay true to it. Practice it with all our heart, with sincerity and humility.

This is the Guidance in which Allah Al-Hadi will guide us towards our house in Jannah (Paradise) InshAllah. It is said by the scholars that when people will enter the Jannah they will have the knowledge of where exactly there house is and this what the above mentioned Guidance is about. Allah SWT will put the guidance in our hearts about where precisely will our house be in Jannah Although we have never ever visited this place before. May HE SWT help us in accepting his guidance, staying true to it, striving for his pleasure, avoiding things which cause his displeasure and may He SWT bless us with the ULTIMATE GUIDANCE of showing our houses in jannah. Ameen.

Now that we know soo much about Allah's Name and Attribute Al-Hadi and about the different types of Hidayah. Then there must be some impact that the study of this name should leave in our lives, right?

Inshallah in the next and the last post, we shall learn about the Impact it must leave on our lives, and We will also learn about a Surah which has massive amount of Guidance hidden in it!


  1. OH, ma'shaAllah!!! Just wonderful.
    I actually opened the link but I had to LOL at 'if you guys are lazy" :P
    May Allah make us among those who have sincere hearts and are guided to our houses in jannah.