Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's kinda late yet this quote kept me awake

''Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.'' Khalil Gibran

I spent most of my childhood years with my mom, my dad or baba as I call him would come and visit us in India once in a year or so .. yet I could never understand how can anyone be afraid of their dad, because with mine I was always hanging around like he's my best bud! As the days passed by I turned from an angry kid to an arrogant teenager. When we had our arguments the house would be practically filled with the noise of raised voices and things breaking little bit (him being him and me being his daughter it was bound to happen).

A particular incident of my childhood was when my baba threw my video game out of frustration because he kept telling me to keep it back in its place and I didn't. When I saw my video game out of my house, broken, I stormed in the house and threw out his suits on the floor! Needless to say it was World War III in my house with my mom being grilled between both of us! :P

My sister and I would never joke with our mom, we were kind of reserved with her plus her sense of humor was not so great compared to my dad's. The Khalil Gibran's quote really makes me think of my dad, because he is the funniest guy i have known in my life, he's a chilled out laid back dude and lets us crack a million jokes on his ever decreasing hair. Laughter plays a BIGG part in his life, and now when we talk about serious issues, and I see the wisdom behind his words it brings tears to my eyes.

With my dad around, nobody really misses any other sort of entertainment! Thats one thing guaranteed!!

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