Tuesday, May 17, 2011

''One of Those Days''...

''Bad Day'' or ''One of Those Days'' are the common phrases used for a day when nothing seems to lift your mood, nothing really makes a difference, even when you change your surroundings anxiety seems to haunt you in the back of your mind and it feels as if you are holding a flood of tears behind that ''I am okay'' replies to the people who ask you about how you are. And, don't expect anyone your not close to figure out what you are going through because they would buy your answer. But for people who know you very well will just end up rephrasing the question to ''No, how are you Actually?''

I am having one of them. It is not a nice feeling to say the least.. But I cannot complain I don't have anyone to listen to me because I do. But you know that feeling when you feel like you have overwhelmed so many people with your problems that you begin to feel totally pathetic about yourself? Yep! thats what I am talking about.

On a positive note, as compared to few years ago when I would contemplate about ways to kill myself during these days. I am just crying it all out to Allah SWT. The anxiety has reduced to a great extent.. Alhamdulillah. Hope the low mood disappears soon too because I know for a fact that I am wayy more blessed than people suffering around the globe, but my subconcious is quite selfish so it just ends up caring just for myself.

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